About us

The 'Voices of the 20th Century Archive and Research Group' (Research Group) started its activity in the spring of 2009 within the framework of the OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund) research project nr. 77566. The mid-term objective of the Research Group is to preserve the audio (and audiovisual) heritage of Hungarian sociology (i.e. mapping and collecting sociological studies, with a special emphasis on those based on qualitative methods, conducted in the course of the past sixty years). Furthermore, in the long run, the project is committed to digitalize as well as to archive the sources, especially interviews, research plans, study drafts, etc. and to provide enhanced access to our collections. The materials will be made accessible to the Hungarian community of students and researchers and international professional circles on the basis of the donators’ approval.

Under the menu "Search in the database” you can browse the database of hundreds of qualitative research projects. We hope that people are committed to preserve scattered documents, cassettes or files, instead of letting these crucially important documents of 20th century Hungarian social research get lost or injured and, as a consequence, perished with time.
The documents in the Archive can be accessed from here: https://voices.tk.mta.hu/.
Aims of the project
  • Exploring the heritage of Hungarian qualitative sociological knowledge
  • Exploring and documenting the history of Hungarian qualitative social research
  • Fostering research of the history of the discipline on the basis of our collections
  • Promoting reflection and professional self-reflection upon the methodological and epistemological challenges lying in interview sources
  • Preparing case studies
  • Providing the opportunity for secondary analysis of qualitative sources
  • Promoting the building of a network among researchers applying qualitative methods as well as the cooperation of research and education

The project has been funded and developed with support provided by OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund) grants No. 77566, No. 101046 and No. 115644.

The Voices of the 20th Century Archive is part of the European Qualitative and Qualitative Longitudinal Network (EQUALAN). See: http://www.iqda.ie/content/equalan

Our partners
The Voices of the 20th Century Archive and Research Group is part of the Research Documentation Centre at the Centre for Social Sciences, Budapest. In curating and safeguarding the collections, we rely on the technical background and expertise of the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (OSA). Technical support in operating and developing the archive's digital interface is provided by the Institute for Computer Science and Control (SZTAKI).
Collaborators in the project
habil. Dr. Éva Kovács - project leader

Júlia Egyed-Gergely

Gergely Havadi 

Anna Horváth 

Miklós Jakab 

András Lénárt
Documents handled by the Archive (in Hungarian)

Researcher's Statement and Data Handling Guidelines

Deposit Statement of collections donated to the Archive

Approval Statement


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